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How it works

How it works


Take branded photos of visitors

Take high quality photos of visitors during events or at any location. The photos will be branded with your logo or artwork instantly and uploaded real-time to your online campaign over Wi-Fi or 4G.


Give visitors instant access to their photos

Visitors will receive a link-card, e-mail or sms with a unique code. By visiting the URL and entering the code, visitors can view and share their branded photo instantly.


Visitor views and shares photos

After receiving the link-card visitors can easy access their photos online (mobile or desktop). They can share their branded photos via social media, which will create great exposure for your brand.


Collecting customer data

In the retrieval and sharing process we collect valuable visitor data such as contact info. This information can be used in e-mail follow up campaigns to grow sales or interact with your target audience.


GoPhoto Kiosk & GreenScreen

Take your campaign to the next level by adding the GoPhoto kiosk and/or Green Screen. With the Green Screen you can create unique photos and the kiosk allows visitors to share and print the photos right at your event or location.


Track campaign results

The dashboard is the heart of your campaign. All data of visitors is collected here. You can also see an overview of your campaigns, latest uploaded photos and up-to-date stats.


Red carpet & PR events

At the Film Festival we photo captured visitors’ one-minute-of-fame on the red carpet. Visitors received a coded link card after the shot was made, which gave them instant access to their photo. They social shared their photo right from their mobile or printed their photo inside the venue by scanning their link card. In this process we collected valuable data and leads that were later used to thank visitors for attending and offer them great future deals by email.

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Tourist attractions & theme parks

At the Skywheel in beautiful Helsinki we are building a continuous customer relationship by applying photo marketing in a new way. How? Customers are photo captured in front of a green screen and can later edit their photo with different backgrounds themselves and share it on Facebook and Twitter. They can also buy their printed photo at stand-alone kiosks or at the web shop. In this process we collect valuable data to get better insights in customers and it’s used for follow-up campaigns.

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Brand activation & street promotions

A big beer brand uses GoPhoto to convert their offline event into an online campaign; visitors are photo captured and share their branded photo on social media. This creates online exposure and turns the visitors into brand ambassadors. During these events GoPhoto offers the possibility to interact in an accessible way and also creates unique give-aways by adding an onsite print kiosk. At these events we collect data and leads that are used to announce upcoming events.

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Main features

GoPhoto App

GoPhoto App

Takes branded photos, Connects photos to visitors via SMS, email or link-card, applies filters and sends them real-time to your Photo Link Page.

Customizable retrieval page

Customizable retrieval page

A Photo Link Page where visitors can retrieve their photo. By uploading your logo and adding colours your can match the look & feel of your brand.

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Social media connections

Social media connections

Photos can be shared on social media via Facebook and Twitter (both desktop or on mobile). All social connections can be tracked in your accounts dashboard.

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