What we do

We deliver photography and video solutions for theme parks, tourist attractions, holiday resorts, sports stadia and large events.

Attraction & Event photography

The GoPhoto technology is designed to increase interaction with visitors, build new revenue streams and can be tailored to estates of every scale. Photos that are taken in front of a green screen or in a themed setting are instantly available for visitors to view and share with friends and family. We offer low-resolution digital images for free, which not only adds up to your visitor’s satisfaction but will also generate higher revenue and visitor insights.

Touch-Screen Print Kiosk

Visitors can view and purchase their photo at our stylish touch screen print kiosk. By scanning their photo pass or RFID wristband they can easily access all their images and select size + amount of prints. All our print kiosks are equipped with the newest photo printers that print photos in the highest quality within seconds. The print kiosk can be integrated in your retail area or also located as mobile station (on battery packs) at places with high footfall.

Photo merchandise

Photo merchandise is more then just a way to increase sales. We develop creative photoproducts that fit in your visitors’ journey. Custom designed postcards personalized with their photo allows your guests to say hello and share their experience old-fashioned way. Together with the cards we offer pre-stamped envelopes that can be dropped in a traditional mailbox right at your location. This is just one of the creative ideas that your guests will love.