With our new Auto Capturing system visitors can take their own photos in a few simple steps. After the photo is taken, visitor can directly view the photos on their mobile phone. A great way to keep interacting with visitors and reduce staff handling.

Key features

  • Visitors can shoot their own photos using their PhotoPass
  • Automatically upload photos to the GoPhoto Cloud, no staff needed
  • Instantly available on their mobile to view, share and purchase
  • Works with all GoPhoto features such as:
Face Search, AI Background Removal, Green screen & more..

How does it work?

  • 1 Visitor enters photo booth and follows instructions on the screen
  • 2 After scanning their PhotoPass, countdown starts (3,2,1... SMILE)
  • 3 Camera takes photo and shows preview on screen
  • 4 Photo is automatically uploaded to the GoPhoto Cloud
  • 5 Visitor can view, share and purchase the photos on their mobile
  • 6 Visitors can purchase their printed photo(s) at your location when using a Print Kiosk.

Let visitors shoot their own photos by using the Auto Capturing system.

Easy-to-use technology to shoot, share and sell photos