Mobile Camera App

Use the Mobile camera app to shoot photos, assign these photos to your visitors and directly upload them to the cloud.

DSLR Camera App

Connect the DSLR camera app to your Canon camera to directly assign and upload photos to the GoPhoto Cloud after you shot them.

Auto Capturing App

Let visitors shoot their own photos at your location by simply scanning a PhotoPass.

Print Kiosk App

With this app your visitors can easily navigate their photos. Print them in multiple sizes on high-speed photo printers at your location.

Live Preview App

This app for administrators shows real-time statistics and the latest incoming photos.

Slideshow App

Login using any browser to show the latest incoming photos as a slideshow.

Photo Website

The Photo Website allows visitors to directly view, share and/or buy their digital photos online. Customize the look and feel of the Photo Website to match your brand identity.

Photo Uploader

Upload and assign photos shot with any type of camera. After the photos are uploaded they are directly available on your Photo Website and/or your print station.


Enable the fully automated e-commerce functionality to sell digital photos on the Photo Website. Easy set up different products and currencies.

Coupon Generator

Create coupon cards to run promotions on the e-commerce platform and/or to sell high resolution photos at your location.

PhotoPass Generator

Generate unique PhotoPasses to communicate the Photo Website’s URL and assign photos privately to your visitors.

Photo Gallery

View and manage all photos uploaded to the cloud. In the gallery you can edit, assign or delete photos when needed.

Green Screen

Create up to 6 different green screen compositions. Once set, all uploaded photos are processed automatically and are directly available for visitors.

AI Background Removal

Remove image backgrounds without a green screen and perfectly tuned lighting conditions.


The statistics feature gives you a clear overview of all results and provides visitor insights to better understand your business.

Automated Mailing

Engage with your visitors. Send an automated mailing after they login to the Photo Website. Fully GDPR compliant.

Face Search

Efficiently distribute photos with our Face Search technology. No personal data will be stored to ensure your visitor’s privacy.

Sharing Options

Allow your visitors to share their branded photos on social media or via email to increase your online presence.

12 Months Hosting

All photos uploaded to the platform are up to 12 months available for your visitors. Extending this period is available at an additional cost.

Secured Servers

The GoPhoto apps, Photo Website and CMS run on highly secured servers to protect all data and content available on the platform.

Chat Support

Our support desk is available via the integrated chat functionality in the CMS. All questions will be answered within 24 hours.

GDPR Compliant

The privacy of our clients and users is important to us. All personal data is gathered according to the GDPR guidelines.

Get ready for the future of photography with the GoPhoto software