Now it is not only possible to add multiple backgrounds to a photo but also add foregrounds and position/scale your visitors to create unique content. Once set, all uploaded photos are processed automatically and availble for your visitor within a minute to share or buy.

Key features

  • Create up to 6 different compositions
  • All uploaded photos are processed automatically
  • Position/scale your visitors for the best result
  • Available for 'Mobile Camera app' and 'DSLR Camera app'
  • Add a foreground to create depth (NEW)

How does it work?

  • 1 Navigate to 'Photo settings’ and select 'Green screen'
  • 2 Select the aspect ratio of the photos you will upload
  • 3 Click 'Add another green screen' and click the 'pencil' icon
  • 4 Upload a background and a foreground
  • 5 Upload a test photo or select 'Use last photo' to preview the result
  • 6 Drag your photo into the right position and scale/rotate if necessary
  • 7 Click 'Save' and select the composition to activate it

To get started you need to upload a themed background + foreground and determine the scale and position of the visitors within this composition.

Easy-to-use technology to shoot, share and sell photos